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Revive Water Conditioning is proud to be the only California retailer of H2O Concepts, water conditioning products. H2O Concepts has been leading the industry of water conditioning for near 40 years.

NOW Californian's can experience the health changing benefits of clean, better than bottled quality water at every faucet in your home! Our line of products offers state of the art, technically advanced mineral scale build up prevention and water filter systems tested, certified and proven to produce the results you expect for your family. You can trust in the most certified Green system in the world. 

In a world filled with extremes, Acidic (R.O water) vs extreme 9.0 alkalinity. We believe in balance. Revive Whole House Water Filtration and conditioning system can balance your waters pH levels. Enjoy safer, healthier water from every faucet in your home. You do not need to soften your water to treat your water! Revives System treats and conditions your water without the need of maintenance and costly chemicals.

To Schedule an Appointment and take advantage of our Special Offers Contact us by phone at 424-350-1079.

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