Revive Water Conditioning Services


In Home Water Conditioning

Revive Water Conditioning offers the best water conditioning options for our customers. Our filtration tanks offer a three tier filtration process in a single tank. With H2O Concepts patented Amp Force Technology, you will have peace of mind knowing the unit is Certified to prevent the build up of minerals in your pipes. Not only will it prevent the build up of calcium and magnesium, our system is Certified to descale your pipe down the 5-micron. What does this mean for you? No more water flow reduction and clogged pipes due to mineral build up. Without those minerals wreaking havoc on your appliances, your appliances last longer. You shower is cleaner, healthier water. Your family drinks naturally alkaline water from every faucet in your home.


Business Water Conditioning

At Revive we work with:

  • Commercial builders offering a low cost option all while drawing in customers looking for high-end results.

  • New home complexes and commercial buildings built with a water conditioning system in mind.

  • Property management companies that have dealt with maintenance related issues caused by minerals in the water. These companies use Revive Water Conditioning products to lower their maintenance cost and reduce the efforts of their staff. When minerals no longer build up in pipes, there are less reported issues pertaining to plumbing. Reduced calls regarding appliances and failures.

  • Apartment Owners looking to attract high end renters to their facility by offering cleaner water. Also lowering their maintenance cost in plumbing related issues.

  • Employers who understand the health of their employees means better productivity and less sick days. Scientific studies have shown proper hydration leads to better mental clarity and the reduction of stress. The days of "Standing around the water cooler" are gone. A lot goes into that water cooler. Scheduling deliveries, monthly payments to the delivery company, space allocated for a water dispenser and someone in the office removing the empty bottle and replacing it with a heavy, awkward to lift new bottle (potential lifting hazard). All of these actions take time and money. None of which are related to the task allocated in your employees list of duties. Reduce wasted time, increase the health and wellness of your employees and create a more productive staff .